What is the difference between 5 Russian words meaning ‘study’

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What is the difference between these 5 words meaning ‘study’


My answer:

Do you know that “-ся” points back on the doer of the action? So let’s take these words in their pure meaning as a starting point.
Учить – to teach
Изучать – to study/master
Научить – to have taught
Записать – to have written in or on


Учиться – to learn (=teach yourself)
Изучаться – to be learned/studied (usually about subjects and courses)
Научиться – to gain certain skills (So that to be able to do something)/to have learned (to do something)
Записаться – to write your name into a list (usually to join a course, a group etc)
The verb “Заниматься” stands a bit aside coz it was initially not about studies but about any type of activity. But with time it got stronger associations.
Занимать – to take (time)
Заниматься – to spend your time on certain activity (Заниматься спортом/музыкой/рисованием etc) If not specified usually means spending time on studies.

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