Russian names and addressing people formally

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Typical Russian name consists of 3 parts: first name, father’s name and surname or family name. We put our family name first in official documents same as you do it in Korea.

Example: Сотникова Екатерина Ивановна (female), Сотников Александр Иванович (male)

Family name – Сотникова (Sotnikova), Сотников (Sotnikov)

First name (Person’s own name) – Екатерина (Yekaterina), Александр (Alexander)

Father’s name – Ивановна (Ivanovna), Иванович (Ivanovich)

In conversation we use our names in many different ways. If you communicate in English it is likely that people would introduce themselves and use titles like it is done in America or England. But Russian tradition is completely different.

Since the days of old father’s name has benn very important. To sound polite one should address people by their own and their fathers name.

Example: Екатерина Ивановна (Yekaterina Ivanovna), Александр Иванович (Alexander Ivanovich)

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