Let me tell you about Russia

Originally the aim of these texts was to introduce my country to the people of South Korea. But anyone can use them in educational purposes in other countries as well. Feel free to ask any questions about Russia and Russian language. I’d be glad to answer.

Изначально целью этих текстов было дать информацию о России жителям Южной Кореи. Но их также можно использовать в образовательных целях как отправную точку для написания топиков и составления презентаций учащимися, изучающими английский язык.

Notes on the Russian language:

“Один раз” (Numbers 1-10, digits)

“Russian teens” (Numbers 11-19)

Questions and answers about the Russian language

Climate (Is it very cold in Russia?)

Russian women.

Russian men.

Russian home: traditions and modern life.

Food and drinks.